On3 with Chris Bono

Started by charteroak1, June 17, 2024, 08:56:23 AM

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Some informative information for anyone interested. 

Should be an interesting line up...


Couple things that I thought were interesting:

Being a club coach and a college coach could not coincide for Gross. Was that an NCAA issue in addition to a time crunch?

It's been rumored that Amos was going to heavy, but I've never heard anyone say it directly.

Did he skip 157 and 165 on purpose?

No redshirt for Zargo, if I heard right.
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Projected Badger Starters based on interview:

125 - Rivera
133 - Fugitt
141 - Bobzien / Coy
149 - Zargo
157 - Unknown
165 - Unknown
174 - Condon
184 - Russo
197 - Endene
285 - Amos (Weighs 245 now!)

Based on the roster

157 has Mechler, Goebel, Nilo, possibly George and Sheen

165 has Anderson, Model, possibly Sheen. Anderson is the favorite if he can make 165.

Not sure if they are looking at the portal for anyone else.

Some guys will have to cut weight.

Several veterans and freshman look to be the starters.
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