Iowa States new proposed complex

Started by charteroak1, April 17, 2024, 08:49:00 AM

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charteroak1   video of Iowa States new wrestling facility.

These places are unreal in comparison to what we have to deal with at the UW.  Has anyone seen a blueprint for the new football complex taking the place of the Shell?  Any room in that monster for a new wrestling room???


That looks amazing! Gonna copy some of that if I ever hit the lottery and build us a new room.
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Just looking online has there been any updates on this?  I have seen no updates in past 6 months on if this was actually going forward.
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Sounds like this is delayed and may not be happening due to the changing landscape of college athletics. It takes a bit of a gambler to be investing in wrestling or any of the olympic sports right now.  I don't think many athletic departments are taking the race or proliferation of wrestling only facilities too seriously.  I don't think Penn St or Iowa and the crowds they get are even making money as a stand alone program
Of Course, this is only my opinion and no one elses!


I do know that even the majority of DI football programs spend more than they take in.  Now I don't know if this is/will be true with the NIL environment.
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