Hamiti to transfer portal

Started by crossface21, March 25, 2024, 02:11:24 PM

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I've seen a few things saying Hamiti has entered the portal. If true, that would suck. Not surprising, however.


I can't fault him.  A change would probably treat him well.  Best of luck and thanks for the memories DJ. 

There are so many questions regarding this program right now it's crazy. 


All credit to Eric Barnett for staying. He did have a great practice partner with Seth Gross. I thank Eric for being able to watch him for 6 years.

That being said having your #1 or #2 wrestler leave in 2023 (Gomez) and now having your #1 wrestler leave in 2024 is unacceptable. Extremely disappointing.

Something has to change. I'm not saying it is coaching, but something has to change.  These are decisions to be made between AD McIntosh and our current staff.

I have had a very long leash for Coach Davis, and I have the same for Coach Bono. I enjoy watching the process. I want whoever our coach is to be successful. However, we are regressing.  This is very obvious.


Do you think this years results drove this decision or was this in the making for some time?


Quote from: charteroak1 on March 25, 2024, 02:33:23 PMThere are so many questions regarding this program right now it's crazy. 

Not disputing this but to me this says more about the current state of college wrestling post NIL than it does about the program. The money being offered is real! There is no doubt it will ruin the sport just a matter of when. 


I don't blame DJ one bit. He is a blast to watch.  I hope he can take the next step in 2024/25.  I'd rather have him at Iowa State, Cornell, etc vs. in the Big Ten. 


Is he in the portal as a graduate student or is he just leaving. That telling if he is just leaving.
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NIL just makes AD McIntosh's job more difficult.  He does have to figure this out.

If volleyball can be successful in the Field House.  I know our wrestling team can as well. 

I would absolutely start with facilities ASAP. As far as coaching ... that is for McIntosh and others to decide. 


IMO has less to do with NIL and more to do with facilities, RTC, practice partners, hopes for a national title, team trophy.  One year left and you just failed to make the podium.  He's on the cusp of greatness and needs a little more than what Wisconsin can currently give him. Practicing with multiple senior level guys and learning new things could make it happen. 


Can't help feeling disappointed. Wish Dean nothing but the best. I personally hope he follows Reader to CMU and wins a title next year. That would be cool!!

A lot better than going to one of the big name schools. Anyways, hope Bono is hot on the recruiting trail and bringing in some guys ready to scrap.
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Will we see a "not a great day to be a Badger" tweet from Bono?


A more pressing question:

Where is Deans good buddy Dillan Johnson and what will he do ?
It ain't the six minutes...it's what happens in that six minutes


It was inevitable. This is wrestling now.

Really enjoyed watching him over the years. He and Gomez are/were almost lock AA, so for him to not AA may have been the last straw.
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So disappointing, but I can't blame him either. Good luck Dean.