D2s- Parkside and other WI kids

Started by Ghetto, March 15, 2024, 06:07:56 PM

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Sean Corrigan is guaranteed AA at 125. In the semis.
Cayden Henschel is 1-1. Needs to win two more to AA at 141
Jalen Spuhler upset the 1 seed in round 1. Fell 13-12 in the quarterfinals.
Ben Durocher lost his first match at 157
Brody Hemauer won his first match at 174
Reese Woracheck won his first match at 184
Lloyd lost his first match, then went into a rat-tail and I think is done.

Max Ramberg won his first match at 197. Congrats LG

As long as we are keeping score, I've got something to prove


Awesome, awesome stuff - thanks for the updates!!

Nate Arquinego

Corrigan, Hemauer and Worachek are all in the semis. They wrestle in this morning session.

Spuhler and Ramberg are both All Americans and will be wresting his placement matches this morning.

Devin Bahr earned his first AA status as well by defeating Durocher in the blood round.

Jack Trautman, Ben Durocher, Cayden Henschel, Lloyd Reynolds (Parkside) all finish as national qualifiers.


Shane Corrigan takes 6th
Jalen Spuhlter takes 6th
Devin Bahr takes 5th
Brody Hemauer takes 6th
Reece Worachek takes 4th
Max Ramberg takes 6th

Parkside 7th as a team.
As long as we are keeping score, I've got something to prove


Tate Murty Upper Iowa finished 5th after finishing 8th last year. Tate is a wisconsin kid that went to CFC

Note: Seth Broussard who was a 7th and 3rd place finisher the past 2 years for UW-L, finished 4th for Northern state. He was hired as a strength coach and they found he had a semester of eligibility left and made the best of it!

Thanks Ghetto!
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Nice showing by Wisconsin kids! Is there a D3 list? Wisconsin did well at all levels this year! On Wisconsin!