Badgers den podcast w/ coach Bono

Started by JacobRaschka, November 06, 2023, 05:08:41 PM

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New weekly podcast focusing on the badgers!

Coach bono will be joining every week. Episode 1 tonight at 6:30pm

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Good interview with Nate Arquinego & Seth Vosters asking Coach Bono questions.

Some highlights:

Coach Bono discussed how good Fugitt and Liegel looked. Also talked about the need for a lot of matches are needed because most of the team does not have a great great of D1 match experience.

26 wrestlers are expected to entered the Michigan State Open. (Bobzien is injured; Rivera had a skin infection last week - he is expected back) The plan is to have all of the freshmen and sophomores wrestle the freshman / sophomore division at the Michigan State Open except Gannon Rosenfeld, who will wrestle in the open division.(I presume Brooks Empey will wrestle in the open division?). All weights with battle spots for varsity could have head to head Badger matchups.

Maximum of 5 events for freshman before you have to pull a redshirt. It sounds if freshman pay their own way to go to a tournament it does not count toward the 5 events. I presume that means "unattached"? Could be a way for the redshirt freshman to enter more open tournaments without adding to their maximum number of events. I wonder pay their own way means the WRTC can help? I would hope so.

Nate & Seth added their commentary on many on Barnett, Hamiti, Lettini, Zargo, Liegel, Christensen and others.

Great discussion...
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