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Started by WiscFan, July 31, 2023, 11:09:22 PM

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Vir Fortis

Quote from: Wisconsin Wrestling Fan on August 19, 2023, 10:23:17 AMThe narrative of "nobody from Wisconsin wants to wrestle here" does not add up. Yes, we missed out on some high end Wisconsin recruits, but we also got some high end out of state recruits. Ingham is pretty good, and we have good Wisconsin talent in the room.

I am proud of the Wisconsin natives making the commitment to the team, and also fired up for all of our out of state wrestlers who are wrestling for Wisconsin. Go Badgers!

Your results, particularly as a team are disproportionately impacted by the standouts. The elite of the elite. I think ...Rivera is CERTAINLY capable. I think Ingham is obviously capable.

Losing some of the recruits we lost, plus some transfers really hurt. Estrada flipping to Iowa hurts(then again, he wasn't a good recruit according to some until he flipped, so...some are intent on focusing exclusively on the negative). Losing Gomez, losing some very talented Wrestlers who were apart of the program, this has hurt.

And that could be overcome if Hopke(always a stretch with Minnesota's HWT lineage and Pinnacle being a feeder club). But then going 0-for in that '24 class just hurts. I get that there are...certain obstacles that Bona has to deal with, but it hurts all the same.

In Iowa, you have most kids and programs who want the Hawkeyes to succeed.
Penn, same. In most states, the States flagship school is the goal.

That isn't the case here and it's particularly difficult with PSU and Iowa having such deep pockets and being able to offer NIL money.

But they need to get this straightened out in any event.


None of us on here know what it's like building an NCAA wrestling team.

You're right. I doubt any of us do because the first thing you need is a bank vault.


"The administration needs to make a change and that's not even getting into rumors of misconduct from Bono over this past year and the years before."

Oh, "rumors" of misconduct. You have all of three posts and yet somehow you seem to know the inside dope about "rumors of misconduct". Curious to know what those are and you're not going to share with the rest of the class then please do so with the UWAD because someone needs to hear them, presuming they amount to a hill of beans.

Even if a change was made I think the situation has gotten to a point that unless the new coach is basically Askren's love slave that coach won't amount to much either. I mean, did Bono all of a sudden become stupid overnight? Hmm? And I ask in all sincerity what's made him rub a lot of people around the state the wrong way or why everyone is saying this? Because it's really no different than the complaints against Barry Davis ("the coaches and club leaders don't like him") and if that's the case, my God does it matter anymore? Is any UW coach, unless they worked at AWA, going to be in good with Askren or the club coaches if, as it turns out, said UW coach would like to run a Division I program his way with himself in charge instead of letting a bunch of club and or high school coaches tell him what to do or whom to recruit. I mean, to be a D-I coach requires a level of ego like it or not and unfortunately that clashes with a lot of people who also have egos too about how things should run. In the end, it's a completely unworkable situation no matter who the UW coach is.