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Started by onwisconsin, May 09, 2023, 05:10:28 PM

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Seems like we were remotely talking about the same thing on 3 separate threads.

As someone who wants to see WI high school kids excel collegiately, but would 100% prefer it be in Madison there is no doubt the recent events are discouraging. 

I loved watching Estrada, Root, and Condon in the CA state championships so losing 2 of those 3 is also a gut punch.  Losing Rowley is also disappointing, not seeing any transfers commit at this point, etc.

I am rooting very hard for Bono, Reader, and Gross. The atmosphere in the Field House is considerably better. My interactions with them have been awesome. I was initially very optimistic they would be the missing piece to recruiting for our program.

The events since season end are definitely hard to swallow. Does anyone think there is a chance Coach Bono will publicly address some of the concerns we all have? Right now seems like a very good time for some honest open communication about the state of the program and plans in the future.

Have a great week everyone. 


Given the current state of the program, UW does not have a realistic shot at bringing in the top prospects.  Put yourself in any one of their shoes, why would you choose UW over OSU (Davino) or UW over UM (Hopke).  UW simply is not the place to chase senior level gold (at the moment), which every top prospect has on their mind.  Even for the next tier of out of state prospects, UW is a hard sell, and most likely has to out-bid the competition to make up for shortcomings.

There is a path though, but it requires tapping into the huge number of kids that dream about wearing the motion W on their chest. Unfortunately given the current state of UW-staff and club relationships, we all know the likelihood of top in state prospects attending UW.  I'm not a fan with how the momentum has snowballed, but it has.   

I'm rooting for Bono, Reader, and Gross as well, just not as the staff for UW.