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Started by littleguy301, March 27, 2023, 11:24:50 PM

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With all the talk of youth state this or that, I wanted to say thank you to the WWF for all you do and for all the people that help out to make everything work

I have had the pleasure of having my son attend many tournaments around the nation and I will say no state or individual tournament does it better than the WWF. Dont believe me, we have WWF people running styles at Fargo. We have ,any Wisconsin people helping out at these tournaments and the WWF is known they are good and the biggest and best tournaments lean on Wisconsin to help run them!

While my son went through the WWF system inhad my complaint also. Probably ly made myself look foolish reaching out to my local rep or a state rep. Now being done with WWF, I look back at what they gave to each and every wrestler that wanted to push them self's against the nation at big tournaments

Kids that go to Fargo pay either first or second lowest amount to attend the tournament. If you do both styles and are in the Fargo camp your looking at 13 days of hotels, training by some outstanding coaches and getting transportation to and back from Fargo for a very small cost. I have been told even cheaper than kids in north dakota!

Why is this your ask, because of the people that work these state tournaments and put in all the effort. No matter what your complain is, Wisconsin is 10x better than any other state out there!

Coach Kleuver has done great getting things organized with staff and is a great ambassador of Wisconsin wrestling. It amazes me that he will always find the time to answer questions and help out no matter how difficult the question is. Not only the coach that does it, the workers that run the tournament and any one involved are top notch and willing to help out.

Thanks again for all the WWF has done for wrestling in Wisconsin and the opportunity they have provided for the kids around the state to be able to take part in!

Thanks again,
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Very well said!

Hats off to all of the past and present WWF members for their tireless efforts!
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Great post.  I don't think people realize how much work goes into putting all of these events together.  It seems to me that the most vocal critics are rarely the same people putting all of the time in to make these events happen.  I can assure everyone that the WWF is open to anyone in the wreslting community looking to volunteer their time to help run these events.  Jeff Jones is regularly on this forum reaching out for help.  It is great to have a post acknowledging all of these efforts.