Started by CLC FAN, March 18, 2023, 12:17:52 PM

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I'm not starting this thread to weigh in on the status or direction of the UW program.

This just makes me grateful.

Thank you Eric, Taylor, Joey, Austin, Garrett, DJ, Braxton, and Trent... as well as every other Badger wrestler and coach who worked harder than most of us can imagine and in the process gave lots of us a team to celebrate with, cheer on, whine about, support, and enjoy.




You read my mind. I was going to post something positive as well.

Hope you are well CLC.

Congratulations to the kids and coaches. The high school season is grind enough. I can't imagine what it's like to wrestle a Big Ten schedule.
As long as we are keeping score, I've got something to prove


And a huge thank you to Trent and Garrett for putting in all the years, wearing the W with pride. And to a Taylor for coming in for one final ride. There may be a couple of others that are done, like Drew, what a warrior and loyal wrestler.


No matter the results every wrestler that competes like they do has my ultimate respect!
Of Course, this is only my opinion and no one elses!