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Started by bigoil, February 19, 2023, 08:26:45 AM

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What is going on there with 3 coaches suspended?


Quote from: bigoil on February 19, 2023, 08:26:45 AMWhat is going on there with 3 coaches suspended?
Per Facebook they were let go but no facts in news story.

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From reading on social media, the reason for the firings

1) The coaches had a heater or two by workout equipment

2) Kittleson got in a wrestler's face after a match. Someone from the stands took a video. I think the Athletic Director interpreted it as a head butt. The wrestler involved says it was not. I saw the video - incidental contact in my view - not intentional. Kittleson is an intense guy.

Not sure if there is more to it, but it is obviously very unusual to suspend and then fire all of the coaches in the middle of the season. It also feels odd they were fired for these 2 reasons only. I can see being disciplined for the heaters. Not sure if there was a clear understanding (or agreement) of what happened in the video.

The Athletic Director Kristin Navarro informed the wrestlers via text on February 14th that the coaches were officially let go. It appears no public statement has ever been made.

The handling of the entire situation feels bizarre. Platteville was recently ranked 12th and on the cusp of becoming a great team. Not sure who they will get to coach next year. Former Platteville coach (and former Badger) Chris Walter is currently helping out. 
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