Let's have a great year!!

Started by neysa bianchi, November 15, 2022, 09:07:16 AM

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neysa bianchi

Congratulations to all the girls stepping up to try out a new sport! This is an exciting time - I am sure we will have bumps in the road, but this is how we will grow and perfect the sport for our kids.

The wrestling community is small and tight and I know we can do right by our athletes. By working together and sharing ideas, we will make history. I think we should use this forum to help each other, pool resources, and share what works and what doesn't.

I'm the coach at Two Rivers High School. We have 6 girls signed up - all but one are brand new to the sport. I am blown away by their courage to try this sport and I will do my best to help them have a rewarding experience.

I am also the Women's Director for the WWF. I want to make sure the girls who are stepping up know that they can wrestle in college and coach afterwards just like the boys. There are so many opportunities!! Please share with your girls information about our camps throughout the year so our numbers translate to summer wrestling at Fargo. Just like the boys, the more they wrestle, the better the sport will be in WI.
Have a great season everyone!!


Neysa Bianchi