Custom Headgear

Started by Wrestlingman, August 08, 2022, 01:42:26 PM

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I am looking to get our team some custom headgear, where are good places to do this?


I've seen Danmar do it, and some other places make wraps to go on the CK style  gear.  I had one made a few years ago by the guy who runs  I  think he will get you CK still gear with the wrap already applied, or he would get you  just the wrap.  I don't see pricing for custom on his site, but you could reach out to him for more details.  There are other places that do it too.  Between Danmar and 4time, I prefer 4time as the warp allows you to have your logo on a larger portion of the headgear than the Danmar process allows.


Thank you very much for your input!