Wisconsin RTC cuts womens program

Started by ckwrestler, May 25, 2022, 12:41:33 PM

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I just saw on a social media profile that the WRTC womens program has been cut.  Is this true?  Anybody know the story?


If this is true that must mean Ronna Heaton Gross is done competing? I can't see her going to another RTC if Seth is still with UW


I doubt Ronna is done competing.  It just means the Badger RTC is not sponsoring women's wrestling... Ronna will either continue to train there (but with funding from a club such as Sunkist Kids, Titan Mercury etc. and/or she will train with Nazar... And, there is no reason why Seth Gross stays at the UW if his wife wants to go train elsewhere... Seth is pretty marketable and would probably find offers to coach elsewhere, or as an RTC as an athlete.