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Started by Kickball, February 28, 2013, 09:06:40 AM

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In addition to Regionals and State, there are some great girls wrestling events coming up:

National Championships USGWA Girls Wrestling Tournament OPEN
Saturday, March 16 & Sunday, March 17, 2013
Eastern Michigan University, Bowen Fieldhouse, Ypsilanti, Michigan


2013 Girls Folkstyle Nationals and University Nationals Oklahoma City, OK, March 29-31


USA wrestling also launched a new tournament series this year called the War of the Roses. Next event is a folkstyle/freestyle event on Saturday, April 13th in Belleville, IL.



What happened to women's wisconsin state national team are we not promoting women's wrestling. Concerned parent Jeremy Welker



Sorry for the late reply. We were in Ypsilanti, MI this weekend for the USGWA tournament. I could read your question but not reply on my phone. We are not tied into the cadet and junior teams because my daughter is not old enough. WWF should be able to give you more information. Other than a leadership change, I am not aware of other changes.

A few of us parents are trying to connect and promote girls youth wrestling events as girls wrestling numbers continue to increase and some of those girls travel. We had quite a few girls and boys Wisconsin wrestlers at the tournament this weekend. It was great to meet some new families and put faces with names.

Molly Engedal


Molly my buddy Jeremy has a daughter who is a 2003. This year they asked his daughter to be on the team for the women's nationals in Oklahoma since this is the first year in awhile that it does not coincide with state he was going to go. He has heard that the coach of the team is going to be gone for vacation and he has not heard from anyone else about taking the team.He is very concerned because he is wanting to help the interest in girls wrestling. If u have any answers to this problem I would appreciate it if u would let me know so I can relay the message.

Thank u



Encourage Jeremy to friend Mike Todryk (or me) on Facebook. Mike can then invite him to join the Wisconsin Womens Wrestling Facebook page. It is not WWF affiliated but he will be in contact with parents of girls wrestlers and girl/women wrestlers. Mike is thinking about taking his daughter to Oklahoma. They do have a youth division. From what I heard this weekend, there is not a organized effort to go to Oklahoma this year. Again, the coach is on vacation (hey, WWF: announce the coaching change to the masses please, update your website and ask Mike R. to get on Facebook because that is where everything is happening in girls wrestling in neighboring states right now). (I will ask WWF directly to do this later today.)

This might not year to go to Oklahoma. I hope State is a wonderful experience for his daughter. There are many girls only events within driving distance next season. I will do what I can to help publicize them and of course, support WWF's efforts as well.



Kickball, I will be out in Oklahoma, if you are going there. I will be able to help with coaching if needed. Hope to see you there.
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Thanks for the offer, Quack. We are going to weight until my daughter is a cadet to take her. There is rarely anyone for her to wrestle in the larger weight classes. For cadets and juniors, the weight classes are filling up. It looks like its going to be an exciting tournament. I hope you have a safe drive and lots of good wrestling.