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Competitive Balance Ad Hoc Committee Reviews Feedback & Preliminary Data Analysis

STEVENS POINT, Wis. – The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Competitive Balance Ad Hoc Committee held its 10th meeting at the organization’s headquarters Wednesday.

After review its purpose statement and operating principles, members of the committee discussed the feedback received at the Annual Meeting in April and new information collected through the online feedback portal.

Todd Hajewski from Baird, with whom the organization contracted to assemble and analyze data on competitive balance, provided a preliminary overview of the effort. After an opportunity to ask questions and break into small groups to discuss the preliminary data and report on their small group conversations, the committee asked Hajewski to conduct some additional analysis based on the committee discussion.

Prior to adjournment, the members of the committee discussed the committee's composition in light of some retirements before members shared some closing comments.

The committee is scheduled to meet again virtually on Wednesday, May 25.

For more information on the proceedings of the Competitive Balance Ad Hoc Committee, access the Competitive Balance homepage at Members are encouraged to provide feedback after each of the committee’s meetings on the WIAA website portal at A short video recapping the discussions of the May 11 committee meeting is available at:
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