Calhoun, Christensen and Medora lead Badgers at Michigan State Open

Started by TomM, November 07, 2021, 05:35:17 PM

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Calhoun, Christensen and Medora lead Badgers at Michigan State Open

Seven Badgers place at first tournament of season

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EAST LANSING, Mich. — No. 23 Wisconsin sent 12 wrestlers to open the tournament season at the Michigan State University Open. Seven Badgers placed in their respective weight classes wrestling unattached in the highly-competitive open tournament, led by freshman Graham Calhoun (174) , junior Peter Christensen (285) and sophomore Aidan Medora (149) who all finished fourth overall.

"I'm proud of this group," said Wisconsin associate head coach Jon Reader. "It was the first college open for a lot of them. I'm proud of the way they prepared and represented this program and University!

"We've got a lot of film on each of them now. We'll take the time to make adjustments and prepare for our next event."

Calhoun scored four straight victories in the consolation bracket, including a pin each against Ohio State's Bryer Hall and Cal Poly's Jarad Priest. Heavyweight Christensen's lone competitive match saw him earn 3-0 decision against Michigan State's Christian Rebottaro after he advanced in his bracket with two byes and a win by medical forfeit. Medora finished 3-2 overall on Saturday thanks to three victories by decision including Indiana's Zack Rotkvich (6-2 decision) in the consolation semifinal to advance.

Redshirt sophomore Kevin Meicher and redshirt freshman Gavin Model both placed fifth overall in the tournament, both wrestling unattached at 165 pounds. Meicher earned a 5-2 overall record on the day, highlighted by 10-2 major decision against Illinois' Eddie Ordonoz. Model earned a 4-2 overall record including a pin in 2:37 against Edinboro's Aaron McDaniel and an impressive 16-1 tech fall to seal his fifth-place finish over Rochester's Jailen Tatum.

Wisconsin veterans Kyle Burwick and Drew Scharenbrock both wrestled attached and finished sixth in their respective open weight classes. Wrestling at 133, Burwick collected a 3-3 overall record highlighted by two victories by major decision — 12-0 against Davenport's Manuel Leija and 10-0 against Oklahoma's Gabe Vidlak. Scharenbrock competed at 157 and earned a 4-3 overall record highlighted by his tournament-opening pin in 1:31 of Findlay's Chase Moore.

Wisconsin returning wrestlers Cody Anderson (157) and Tyler Dow (184) also competed alongside three of UW's new freshmen Brooks Empey (197), Andrew Sanders (184) and Jack Severin (141). Full results of all wrestlers competing are below.



Kyle Burwick - Open 133 pounds - 6th Place (3-3 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin) Bye

Champ. Round 2: Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin) over Manuel Leija (Davenport)  •  Maj 12-0

Quarterfinal: Rayvon Foley (Michigan State) over Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 7-2

Cons. Round 4: Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin) over Gabe Vidlak (Oklahoma)  •  Maj 10-0

Cons. Round 5: Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin) over Jordan Hamdan (Michigan State)  •  Dec 7-2

Cons. Semi: Lucas Byrd (Illinois) over Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 5-2

5th Place Match: Drew Mattin (Michigan) over Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 8-4

Drew Scharenbrock - Open 157 pounds - 6th Place (4-3 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) over Chase Moore (Findlay)  •  Fall 1:31

Champ. Round 2: Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) over Jaden Enriquez (Michigan State)  •  Dec 14-8

Quarterfinal: Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern) over Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin)  •  Maj 12-0

Cons. Round 4: Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) over Isaac Wilcox (Ohio State)  •  Dec 10-8

Cons. Round 5: Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) over Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan)  •  Dec 7-1

Cons. Semi: Jordan Slivka (Ohio University) over Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 7-2

5th Place Match: Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern) over Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin)  •  NC


Cody Anderson - Freshman/Sophomore Division 157 pounds (2-2)

Champ. Round 1: Cody Anderson (Wisconsin) Bye

Champ. Round 2: Cody Anderson (Wisconsin) over Brennan Doyle (Purdue)  •  Dec 2-1

Quarterfinal: Douglas Terry (Cleveland State) over Cody Anderson (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 4-2

Cons. Round 4: Cody Anderson (Wisconsin) over Trenton Wachter (Central Michigan)  •  Dec 8-7

Cons. Round 5: Peyten Kellar (Ohio University) over Cody Anderson (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 8-4

Graham Calhoun - Freshman/Sophomore Division 174 pounds - 4th Place (4-2 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Corbin May (Ashland) over Graham Calhoun (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 3-2

Cons. Round 1: Graham Calhoun (Wisconsin) over Hayden Pummel (Northern Illinois)  •  Dec 8-1

Cons. Round 2: Graham Calhoun (Wisconsin) over Bryer Hall (Ohio State)  •  Fall 2:49

Cons. Round 3: Graham Calhoun (Wisconsin) over Leonardo Galasso (Central Michigan)  •  Maj 9-1

Cons. Semi: Graham Calhoun (Wisconsin) over Jarad Priest (Cal Poly)  •  Fall 2:57

3rd Place Match: Marty Larkin (Michigan State) over Graham Calhoun (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 6-4

Peter Christensen - Open 285 pounds - 4th Place (2-2 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) over Peter Christensen (Wisconsin)  •  Fall 2:41

Cons. Round 1: Peter Christensen (Wisconsin) Bye

Cons. Round 2: Peter Christensen (Wisconsin) over Christian Rebottaro (Michigan State)  •  MFF

Cons. Round 3: Peter Christensen (Wisconsin) over Blake Querio (Michigan)  •  Dec 3-0

Cons. Semi: Peter Christensen (Wisconsin) Bye

3rd Place Match: Luke Luffman (Illinois) over Peter Christensen (Wisconsin)  •  Fall 3:00

Tyler Dow - Open 184 pounds (2-2 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Tyler Dow (Wisconsin) over Ethan Sabo (Edinboro)  •  Fall 3:31

Quarterfinal: Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) over Tyler Dow (Wisconsin)  •  TF 16-1

Cons. Round 2: Tyler Dow (Wisconsin) over Dylan Miracle (Cal Poly)  •  Fall 0:46

Cons. Round 3: Ben Cushman (Central Michigan) over Tyler Dow (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 13-9

Brooks Empey - Freshman/Sophomore Division 197 pounds (1-2overall)

Champ. Round 1: Brooks Empey (Wisconsin) over Benjamin Smieska (Davenport)  •  Fall 0:51

Quarterfinal: Cole Jackson (Cal Poly) over Brooks Empey (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 11-9

Cons. Round 2: Brooks Empey (Wisconsin) Bye

Cons. Round 3: Jordan Greer (Ohio University) over Brooks Empey (Wisconsin)  •  Maj 11-0

Aidan Medora - Freshman/Sophomore Division 149 pounds - 4th Place (3-2 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Aidan Medora (Wisconsin) Bye

Champ. Round 2: Aidan Medora (Wisconsin) over Cole Hansen (Michigan State)  •  Dec 6-0

Quarterfinal: Aidan Medora (Wisconsin) over Christian Lennon (Olivet College)  •  Dec 7-1

Semifinal: Mason Shrader (Central Michigan) over Aidan Medora (Wisconsin)  •  Fall 6:15

Cons. Semi: Aidan Medora (Wisconsin) over Zack Rotkvich (Indiana)  •  Dec 6-2

3rd Place Match: Zack Mattin (Michigan) over Aidan Medora (Wisconsin)  •  Fall 0:52

Kevin Meicher - Open 165 pounds - 5th Place (5-2 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Kevin Meicher (Wisconsin) Bye

Champ. Round 2: Evan Wick (Cal Poly) over Kevin Meicher (Wisconsin)  •  TF 17-2

Cons. Round 2: Kevin Meicher (Wisconsin) Bye

Cons. Round 3: Kevin Meicher (Wisconsin) over Eddie Ordonez (Illinois)  •  Maj 10-2

Cons. Round 4: Kevin Meicher (Wisconsin) over Colt Yinger (Ohio University)  •  Dec 7-4

Cons. Round 5: Kevin Meicher (Wisconsin) over Nathan Tausch (Cal Poly)  •  Dec 3-2

Cons. Semi: David Ferrante (Northwestern) over Kevin Meicher (Wisconsin)  •  Fall 1:09

5th Place Match: Kevin Meicher (Wisconsin) over Tracy Hubbard (Central Michigan)  •  MFF

Gavin Model - Freshman/Sophomore Division 165 pounds - 5th Place (4-2 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Gavin Model (Wisconsin) Bye

Champ. Round 2: Thatcher Hall (Oklahoma) over Gavin Model (Wisconsin)  •  Fall 5:45

Cons. Round 2: Gavin Model (Wisconsin) Bye

Cons. Round 3: Gavin Model (Wisconsin) over Aaron Mcdaniel (Edinboro)  •  Fall 2:37

Cons. Round 4: Gavin Model (Wisconsin) over Colton Blaha (Michigan State)  •  Dec 6-4

Cons. Round 5: Gavin Model (Wisconsin) over Tyler Barry (Ashland)  •  Maj 14-2

Cons. Semi: Dylan Kohn (Edinboro) over Gavin Model (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 3-1

5th Place Match: Gavin Model (Wisconsin) over Jailen Tatum (Rochester University)  •  TF 16-1

Andrew Sanders - Freshman/Sophomore Division 184 pounds (0-2 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Dylan Connell (Illinois) over Andrew Sanders (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 9-2

Cons. Round 1: Andrew Sanders (Wisconsin) Bye

Cons. Round 2: Nate Barrett (Ashland) over Andrew Sanders (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 10-8

Jack Severin - Freshman/Sophomore Division 141 pounds (1-2 overall)

Champ. Round 1: Jack Severin (Wisconsin) over Amonn Ohl (Edinboro)  •  Maj 17-7

Quarterfinal: Cole Ferguson (Oklahoma) over Jack Severin (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 5-2

Cons. Round 2: Tyson Emmons (Davenport) over Jack Severin (Wisconsin)  •  Dec 4-1

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