Where does Wick end up?

17 (24.6%)
6 (8.7%)
Cal Poly
30 (43.5%)
1 (1.4%)
3 (4.3%)
Northern Colorado
3 (4.3%)
9 (13%)

Total Members Voted: 69

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Re: Wick Poll
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Hindsight is 20/20, but not surprising Wick is leaving.  His best year was his redshirt freshman yr.  He spent all of the last season wrestling and being coached by the best in the nation.  Any Div I team would love to have him.  Bono was one of the first to actively take advantage of the new college reality of transfers but now everyone is doing it.  Reap what you sow.  Will be interesting to see over the next few years whether Bono gains or loses more in the transfer portal going forward.

But the good news is BonoBilt has another 8th grade tournament coming up.

What is wrong with an 8th grade tournament?

My thoughts exactly, our coaches getting to know the best kids in the country at a young age is a good thing for UW.
Getting the top 8th graders in the country to visit Madison in the summer, brilliant!

Canít recruit kids until June of their JR year so hook them early!

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Re: Wick Poll
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