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Re: PSU 2021 recruiting class
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Facundo lost to to Keegan O'Toole 7-0 last week at Junior Nationals and Shayne Van Ness lost to Evan Henderson at last chance qualifier last month 11-0.  Both are great recruits with a ton of upside potential.  The 125 recruit Gary Steen should be solid but doesn't have the credentials of Facundo and Van Ness.  He originally was a Pitt recruit and switched I believe.

Penn State has such a good program.  I think they are going to be really tough next year if everyone is healthy.  If they score a big transfer they should really put some pressure on Iowa next year.

In addition, the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club is loaded with talent pushing the college wrestlers and helping them develop.

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Re: PSU 2021 recruiting class
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