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Ouch! Woof, the Packers looked rough.  I had to suffer my brother's yapping after the whipping that occurred.
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Handles II

Had that first pass been caught for a TD, it would have been a different game. That one play changed the tone.
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There are a lot of things to clean up.

Plus, like Handles said, Watson dropping that pass was big. Couple that with being stopped on the 1, tide turned there.

I do worry about a few things on both sides of the ball.
As long as we are keeping score, I've got something to prove

Vir Fortis

Not the prettiest of starts to the season, but the Packers 5 weeks in have gotten both Jenkins and Bakhtiari back and the later is playing at an elite level in terms of his pass blocking. Still not QUITE all the way back out of what would appear to be both an abundance of caution and the fact that Nijman has yet again taken another jump and has gone from a below average LT to a solidly above average starting OT.

Lots of cause for optimism though.

The OL of course. Jenkins hasn't looked like himself, but you'd expect him to continue to work his way back and into playing shape. Looks at the moment like he's not getting deep enough in his sets and is just getting beat on 7 step drops as it's too hard to cut off those edge rushers(it's almost like he's used to playing in a phonebooth at OG).

-One rumored fix, the logical one, kick Nijman back over to RT. He was the Packers swing tackle prior to Bakh's injury, he was a RT in College and with his freakish athleticism(9.8 RAS), no reason he can't do it. That'd allow Jenkins to move back to Guard...and most importantly, get Royce Newman out of the lineup. He's been VERY inconsistent.

Sean Rhyan is apparently pretty far behind in terms of understanding the scheme, passing off stunts, picking up blitzes, etc, while Zach Tom(9.59 RAS, 10.0 as a C...meaning the most athletic C prospect EVER in the history of the combine) simply isn't strong enough. He's a year away(but sure looks like an incredible prospect).

EITHER WAY, you should get both Bakhtiari and Jenkins to improve and if Yosh can handle moving back to RT, this OL could be rounding into form at the right time.

My guess-Yosh kicks over, Bakhtiari/Runyan Jr/Myers/Jenkins/Nijman

WRer- Without a deep threat to take the top off defenses, we're going to struggle. So that means Watkins needs to be healthy OR Watson needs to both be healthy, AND catch the ball. I guess I should add Rodgers needs to actually go back to him as he's really the only WRer capable of creating early separation and has been just wide open. He's also been injured too often and is behind. Less confident this particular group will turn it around.

So, the Packers seem to be looking for a trade before the Nov 1 deadline.

This is where a nice interdivisional trade with the Detroit Lions would work out perfectly for both sides. DJ chark, a 6'4, 4.36 big bodied WRer who is a perfect scheme fit in GB...but not ideal in Detriot, a team that also has Jameson Williams coming back from an ACL and Amon-Ra St Brown as an established WRer. Chark is on a one year deal, so it's almost like a MLB trade. A team picks up a player for cheap and they try and flip them before the deadline.

Also, ESPN is proposing;
 Packers get: WR Chase Claypool, 2024 seventh-round pick
Steelers get: WR Amari Rodgers, 2023 fourth-round pick

I don't see Amari having much value right now and I think you'd have to give up more than a 4th for Claypool, but what the inappropriate term3, give up a 3rd. We're notoriously bad at drafting in the 3rd round.

Or DJ Moore, one of the more underrated WRers, but one who's due ~20M in Guaranteed Base salary next year...which the Packers could figure out, but it'd require a big restructure. But who cares. Rodgers may be gone after this year and they can't win with this WRing core.

My Prediction- Packers go out and are outbid for OBJ(which I'm fine with) and they add someone like Will Fuller or Denzel Mimms, someone with the speed to just stretch the field.

Defense-Joe Barry is just BORING. MLF will light a fire under his arse again, tell him to play more press man, single high and Devonte Wyatt who has been making OL look like fools in VERY brief spurts, he comes on strong and helps provide a pass rush and this is a top 3 Defense in the NFL the final 2 months.

Oh, and Rodgers also needs to RUN THE BALL. And I say Rodgers, not MLF because it's obvious who's the one choosing pass on the RPO(look at the 4th down run when we were CLEARLY run blocking and Josh Myers had his man planted 4 yards in the EZ and AJ Dillon walks in for the TD).

So, OL, WR, Rodgers sticking to the Run and the D.

WRer is the one that's got me nervous. Christian Watson has all the tools, but we need to add some insurance in case he doesn't quite pan out.

This team CAN absolutely win a SB. But man, that pass game needs to look better and that run game needs to stay on the field more.

Oh, and Joe Barry needs to open the 2nd page of his GD playbook...


Hopefully we'll see Leonard on the Packers sideline (or in their booth) next year.
(reporter) ... "Rocky ... do you think you've got brain damage?"
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(reporter) ... "Rocky ... do you think you've got brain damage?"
(Rocky) ....... "I don't see any."


Interesting turn of events with Leonhard not getting the Badgerss job and the Packers giving up 363 yards on the ground within days of each other.

The lack of adjustments is downright scary from Barry. I get that Hurts running out of the pocket isn't something you can always account for, but after a while, you have to try something... The light box the Packers play on almost every down is forever going to be a problem

As long as we are keeping score, I've got something to prove


As long as we are keeping score, I've got something to prove