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Started by bigG, December 07, 2017, 09:48:08 AM

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Quote from: bigG on July 04, 2023, 04:49:18 AMJust got back from Utah last week. You could live 1,000 years and never hike all those trails. I go to Utah every two years to bring the fam and explore. Just gorge ous.


Glad to hear you had a blast with the fam!
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Yosemite for the first time this year for me as well as Lake Tahoe, both very beautiful and taxing hikes. Many of Yosemites toughest hikes were closed because there was still too much snow. They were hoping to have it open by the 4th of is still closed. The good news is that there were falls coming from places there haven't been falls. On the way into Tahoe, there was 2' of snow from 7000' and up to nearly 9000', that was pretty crazy and it was 70 degrees.

Good to see BigG post!


Howavi! I have yet to go to Yosemite bc the only time I can get down there is the peak season. Dying to get there. It'd complete my loop. In CA, I've done: Sequoia/King's Canyon, Redwoods, Joshua Tree and Death Valley (no need to go back.) Even parks I used to hit regularly are now just bursting. Zion was chill every time I've been there. Now, it's too much.

Glad you saw some awesome nature, bud. Renews a man. Hope you been good, old timer. The more you go to Cali, the more you realize "great stuff, weird state."
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Went to the Brown County Fair, saw the Glam Band, a rodeo and some beef cows. Went to Askeaton for some ball games, went to Brillion and saw some lawn mowers built at the Ariens company. Not sure these count, but still pretty cool. ;D  ;D  ;D
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