Started by woody53, August 24, 2016, 04:48:10 AM

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After a life time of being involved with racing, I have been asked to help a NASCAR Xfinity Team this weekend at Road America as a Spotter and Coach. I will be working with JD Motorsports and drivers Ross Chastain, Ryan Preece, and Garrett Smithley.
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Alright Woody, before you know it you'll be setting up the joint
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So are you still "working" the state tournament or are you big-timing us?!
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I don't know what any of that means Woody but I know you are in to wrestling and it sounds like a big deal so I'm happy for you!


Most that know me, know that my two loves besides my Faith and Family are Wrestling and Racing. I have gone as far as I can in Wrestling. And at 56, I have reach as far as I will as a driver. To be asked by a Nascar Team to help out younger drivers at a Track I have a lot of experience at, Feels good.
Oh and I will still be at State.
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If you need any infield or paddock club spotting let me know, I'll be the guy with a brat in my hand. I'll also be having a beer down on the lake deck in Elkhart Lake.

dad 2 5

I missed this. How did it go? Pretty excite I am guessing. Glad you got the opportunity!


It went really well. I spotted for Ryan Preece. Two time Nascar Whelen Modified Champ who has transitioned  to the Xfinity Series this year. They asked me back for next year and asked if I was willing to travel to Mid-Ohio.
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congrates to you woody!!!!!

I sure hope you had some fun doing this!!!!!
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Had another great weekend racing over at Gringerman Raceway in South Haven Michigan. Ran the Enduro Race and finished 6th overall with a Win in Spec Miata.That is 50 class wins for me in 26 years of racing. Getting closer to retiring.
Fast cars, drag race. Fast Drivers, Road Race!