State Schoolboy Freestyle Clarification

Started by TriD, May 10, 2016, 10:52:10 AM

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As kid's director, I wanted to provide some clarification of a recent situation that was brought to our attention regarding the participants in the WWF state freestyle tournament this past weekend.

It was identified that a competitor competed in both the Wisconsin and Illinois state tournaments this spring.

Through fact finding, it was identified that the wrestler in question is in the process of relocating to Wisconsin and an adult made an error in understanding what is residency.  The corrective steps are in process and those athletes impacted will be informed and awarded appropriately.  

in the future, the tournament committee will review this situation, as done with all, to do our best to provide clarity and make our state events the best for all Wisconsin wrestlers.

The WWF wants to wish the best to all those who competed this past weekend and look forward to where their wrestling careers take them.  

Mel Dow
WWF Kids Director