4 Gophers wrestlers under investigation for selling Xanax

Started by hammen, May 25, 2016, 09:27:21 AM

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My guess is that they are going to clean house and get a whole new staff, so it's definitely possible. But I would think a program like Minnesota is going to go after a very big name if they go with a current assistant coach. However I have no idea how the new AD thinks about wrestling at the university. Probably not very high at this point, but you would have to think he is aware of their tradition.

Dale Einerson

Quote from: Ghetto on May 25, 2016, 02:01:57 PM
Taking the drug isn't the issue. Dealing it is. Even taking 1 penny for it makes it a sale, and for the program that's an issue.

The article is well written speculation. It refers to closed door meetings and telling guys to lawyer up, which pushes the assumption that JRob knew, but doesn't come out and say it.

Let's hope nothing big comes of it. Wrestling doesn't need any issues like that.

Respectfully, while I sincerely hope this is much to do about nothing, and agree that wrestling; any program or young people don't need issues like this, I disagree that taking Xanax isn't the issue. 

Can any of us say that we knew a group of 20-30 guys in college "back in the day" with 4 members that were on a Xanax-like pharmaceutical?  Doctors prescribe the stuff way longer than the manufacturer-recommended and FDA-tested 6 months, which can lead to dangerous addictions.  Benzoids are becoming one of the leading causes of death in this country...

The drug would have to be prescribed to pass an NCAA drug test, so likely prescribed.  Then selling it, or even giving it away, becomes a very serious problem from almost any vantage point.


I over-generalize.

Taking prescription drugs for recreational use is a bad problem.

For JRob and the program, drug use isn't going to get him fired. College kids, unless they've changed in the past few years, make really poor decisions being on their own for the first time ever. No one is getting fired for kids taking small amounts. JRob dumping over 1000 pills to protect guys is the issue they'll fire him for.

I'm really surprised they haven't fired him already. Makes a real statement and allows for a search to start immediately. I'd say the assistants have to go as well, because you don't want to be the AD that allowed possible problems to linger. The assistants, you'd assume, would have some kind of knowledge of the situation.
As long as we are keeping score, I've got something to prove


As long as we are keeping score, I've got something to prove