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Policy for UAVs (drones) at WIAA Tournament Series Events
« on: September 29, 2015, 11:48:32 pm »
Policy for UAVs (drones) at WIAA Tournament Series Events
From the WIAA 9/29/15

Drone policy for WIAA Tournament Series events that was initially approved by the Board of Control and discussed at the Area Meetings this fall. The policy is in place for the 2015-16 fall tournaments.

Policy for UAVs at WIAA Tournament Series Events
The WIAA policy for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones focuses on public safety and the facilitation
of event planning and administration.
The use of drones/UAVs for any purpose at WIAA State Tournament Series may be permitted at WIAA outdoor
events only, provided the following conditions and requirements are satisfied:
A. Drone operation at WIAA Tournament Series events requires Certificate of Authorization (COA)–or the
necessary 333 Exemption–as issued by the FAA when required by law, advanced written consent (at least
24 hours) from the WIAA executive office, as well as approval of host facility event management.
B. A signed agreement holding the ownership and operators of event facilities and the WIAA harmless from
any claims of harm to individuals or damage to property. In addition, UAV operators must provide event
management proof of insurance with liability limits of not less than $1 million that identifies the WIAA
and its member school as additionally insured.
C. UAV controllers must maintain line of sight at all times during operation and are prohibited from flying
UAVs over playing surfaces, seating and spectator areas where and when people are present, as well as
event parking areas where and when people and vehicles are present.
D. UAV controllers and their employers are responsible for ensuring operators are trained in the use of the
drone that they operate. UAV operators must be aware of the risks that include, but not limited to, personal
injury and property damage caused by the UAV as a result of weather, operator error or judgment, and failure
of device systems and equipment.
E. When recording or transmitting visual images,* UAV controllers must avoid areas reasonably considered
private in accordance with social norms. These areas include, but are not limited to, restrooms, locker
rooms, individual residences and health treatment rooms. In Wisconsin, it is a misdemeanor to use a drone
to “photograph, record, or otherwise observe another individual in a place where the individual has a reasonable
expectation of privacy.” (Wis. Stat. § 942.10).
Tournament host managers shall refuse admission to any individual or group attempting or intending to use a
UAV without authorization. Tournament host managers are authorized to suspend play, if necessary, to remove
and confiscate any authorized or unauthorized use of a UAV in prohibited areas during WIAA Tournament Series
Failure to follow this policy may result in WIAA sanctions, as well as local, state and federal penalties if applicable.
This policy will be updated as deemed necessary to reflect changes in WIAA administrative policies, as well as
federal, state and local regulations.
Drone Requirement Checklist at WIAA Tournaments:
___ FAA approval with Certificate of Authorization or necessary 333 Exemption
___ WIAA Executive Staff approval
___ Venue host administration approval
___ Proof of insurance as required by this policy
___ Statement that the operators are trained in the use of the UAV
* Any unauthorized use of any transmission, internet stream, photo, image, film, videotape, audio tape, play-by-play depiction or description of any competition and/or game action is prohibited without written consent of the WIAA. All “Real-time,” or tape-delayed audio, video or textual transmission of play-by-play is exclusive property of the WIAA and rights-granted entities.
Any account/transmission of real-time video, audio or textual play-by-play is prohibited on-site or off-site without consent of the WIAA.

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Policy for UAVs (drones) at WIAA Tournament Series Events
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