Still Waiting for Fiber?

Started by imnofish, February 03, 2015, 06:00:45 PM

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I'm not sure fiber will be the be all end all.

In addition to the large capital requirements and the time necessary for constructing a fiber-optic broadband network, the technology also faces a problem of scalability. Fiber-optics work efficiently in small networks that are confined to a single location where bundled cables of fiber-optic lines can be installed and protected from bending. Bending fiber-optic cables can impede light transfer, and it can lead to permanent damage to the fiber-optics in the cable.

When scaled larger for regional, national, or global broadband Internet service, two obstacles can impede fiber-optic cables that do not impede cable or DSL. Fiber-optic cables cannot be installed above ground on telephone poles or below ground in trenches because there is no practical way to protect cables from bending.
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