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Quote from: littleguy301 on February 09, 2014, 04:38:12 PM
I have great luck in the country with verizon. I will admit that being near the twin cities works well for me!

Where we camp, there is NO cell service.  The township finally allowed a short tower to be added across the lake this summer (a few miles into the trees, so it's not visible).  I appreciate that they are adamant about keeping the area as natural as possible, but I really hope that I can finally have phone service up there, without having to drive 14 miles. 
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Quote from: imwi on February 09, 2014, 05:25:53 PM
Sorry Tom.  I didn't respond back since that was all the help I could provide, my issues went away when I got a phone with the firmware upgrade.  Sounds like you've never had good luck with US Cell, I would recommend switching.  Talk to some friends and see who they like for coverage.  Does this mainly happen at home?  I know my girlfriend had t-mobile and her phone was very unreliable in my house, just sort of a dead spot for them.

No worries... I didn't mean to seem upset.  I actually have really been happy with US Cellular.  It has just been since the GS3 came along.  In fact maybe I should really go back in and make sure the GS3 is 'deactivated' correctly.  It started when the 'kid' who activated the GS3 set it up incorrectly and all my gmail contacts were grouped with my phone contacts which has been a hassle and continued when I moved to the Motorola Electrify. 
Maybe some of the current issues are caused by the GS3 being 'on' and still not being totally factory reset. ?
I'd rather not switch to some other provider since there is always risk and a hassle in doing that if the new company is worse.  That is what happened when I went 'back' to ATT for a short time.  Lost my good plan etc... Then ATT was terrible for my locations and had to go back to US Cellular. (someone had insisted I get ATT ... well, she is no longer around .. ha)
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One thing that "may" help, at least it's worth a shot, force the phone to use 3g instead of 4g, it could be trying to use the 4g which is better when you can get 4g but in my opinion a stronger signal on 3g is better than a weak signal on 4g.
This may vary depending on which android version, phone, etc but your looking for the "mobile networks" setting, on my current phone you get there by going to

more networks
mobile networks
network mode
here you should see LTE/CDMA & CDMA, select CDMA if it's not selected

PM me if you have issues, I'll send you my number and can try to walk you through it


Courage is grace under pressure - Ernest Hemingway
Advocating "matside weigh-in" since 1997
"That's why they wrestle the matches"