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I hope everyone's having a great spring... It's been a busy few weeks with finals, getting ready for Universities, and recruiting.  The guys have a couple weeks off now until they report back to Madison for our summer training period that will run from June 11th to the Badger Wrestling Club's Steak Fry that is on July 22nd.  In the mean time Coach Ruschell, Ty Graff, Jesse Thielke, and I will be getting ready to compete in the WTTs and Rylan Lubeck and Isaac Jordan in the Junior WTT.

We brought 13 to Akron for the University Nationals... The tournament was very well attended, when heavyweight has over 50 wrestlers, you know it's a huge tournament. 

We had four place winners... TG- 1st, McCall 8th, Tobin 8th, and Medbery 5th. 
We had two guys knocked out in the round of twelve... Cousins and Cavallaris
Other guys who won some matches... Liegel & Yde

Ben Cox, Brett Hochstaetter, Brandon Weber, Nick Veiling, and Santonio Cathery all also competed and got valuable experience. 
Kalvin York had also been training hard to compete but caught something right before we left- he's fine though

Quick Notes on Universities- All the top teams had multiple guys wrestling- us and MN probably had the biggest groups there.  It was great for the guys to be training for something this spring and to compete. 

TG- Looked great, he's had a great spring and will look to carry it into June for the WTTs

McCall- Looked the best I've seen him.  He's been working extremely hard and it's been fun to see his progress.  Only loss was to eventual champ Burak and then he had to catch a flight to the Ultimate Training Camp in Colorado (an Athletes in Action nationwide event)

Medbery- Got a lot of matches in.  Lost to the same guy twice.  If you haven't seen the matches look them up- great scrambles.  Need to continue to build here this summer but Connor is only getting better.

Tobin- Heavyweight was loaded and to have two placers was awesome.  Cole beat some good guys on his way to 8th place.  He leaves soon for Mongolia on a wrestling and mission trip for a month.  This will be great experience for him athletically and personally.  Very excited for him!

Al Yde, Frank Cousins, and Scott Liegel all won matches.  This summer will be a big one for these guys who will be battling for the 165 and 174 spots.

Mark your calendars for July 22nd.  The BWC's Steak Fry will be that Monday.  New Head Football Coach Gary Andersen will be there as well as our team, staff, and many Badger Alumni.  Great event!


Thanks for the update Trevor! It's great to hear how people are wrestling and progressing out of season!
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