Rules... of the Forum/Board simply stated!

Started by TomM, February 01, 2004, 10:25:33 AM

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Forum Rules
Rules... of the Forum/Board simply stated!
The purpose of Wisconsin Wrestling Online forum message boards is to provide the wrestling community a forum for their ideas and facilitate interest in wrestling topics. The overall goal is to have fun with the sport.

Rules Of The Forum/Board
No soliciting or advertising
No personal attacks
No swearing
No threatening, abusive, intolerant or prejudicial language
No posting pictures or graphics, of any kind, on the forum.
No posting/linking to suggestive/questionable pictures of any kind or type.
(Most if not all things are at the discretion of the administrator, like it or not.)

Those that break the rules of the board will not be allowed to participate and those posts will be removed.
Views expressed by users of this forum do not represent the opinion or position of Wisconsin Wrestling Online.

We do not have time to give warnings and cautions to forum members using poor judgement regarding subject and language on the forum.
If you don't know enough to use good judgement in your choice of words, or subject, you should expect to be blocked.

"We caution viewers/visitors to the forum that on forums, such as this one, people express views, opinions and rumors and sometimes facts.  Please keep that in mind.  Nothing on the forum has been verified as fact by Wisconsin Wrestling Online, and nothing posted should be considered as fact.  If you are concerned about a subject please contact us at .  Anyone is free to research subjects as to the accuracy/fact or fiction of any post on the forum.  Do not take things posted on the forum as fact."

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For additional guidelinse/rules/updates see:

Concerning talk about wrestlers/kids in high school etc.
Let's step back from the keyboard before hitting "Submit" after writing out our posts.
There is absolutely no place in the forum intended to be used to be hurtful towards kids.  That is not the purpose of this forum.
So, please think before hitting "Submit".
How about we try using this criteria...before hitting "submit":
1) May this hurt some young person or damage someones reputation? (if it will hurt someone don't hit "submit")
2) Am I doing this to be mean? (if you are doing it to be mean don't hit "submit")
3) Do I have real facts or hearsay? (if it's hearsay, don't "submit")
4) Am I doing anyone any good by posting this? (if you are not doing anyone any good don't hit "submit")
5) Opinion has a place, but not always.  (if your opinion is negative or hurtful, don't hit "submit")
Let's give kids a chance.

If there are hurtful things posted on the forum please contact me at
I frequently remove posts that I find objectionable, but will listen if sent emails directing me to problems.
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