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Title: 2018 NWHOF Inductee Honors Weekend Videos: Some Good Stuff!
Post by: TomM on June 16, 2018, 05:35:29 PM
2018 Honors Weekend Videos:

Stephen Anthony Abas, Distinguished Member, https://vimeo.com/273527962

Lee Allen, Distinguished Member, https://vimeo.com/273520783

David Carr, Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award, https://vimeo.com/273515499

Henry Cejudo, Distinguished Member, https://vimeo.com/273517363

Randy Couture, Outstanding American, https://vimeo.com/273526037

Kristie Davis, Distinguished Member, https://vimeo.com/273519141

Gary Kessel, Meritorious Official, https://vimeo.com/273515893

Alleida Martinez, Trisha Saunders High School Excellence Award, https://vimeo.com/273514845

Michael K. Martinez, Medal of Courage, https://vimeo.com/273522372

Nancy Schultz Vitangeli, Order of Merit, https://vimeo.com/273524043